Karin Traeger

Episode 17


An environmental activist, dedicating her life to water conservation and protection. During her 9-5 she’s the CEO of Yarra Riverkeeper, whilst organizing cleaning initiatives through her Plastic Runner organisation.

What you see is what you get with Karin, she’s purpose-driven and the epitome of determination, nothing and no one will get in her way as she lives out her dream and purpose day in, day out.

By founding Plastic Runner, an initiative to stay healthy and fit while doing good to our planet, she was head hunted to take on a senior role within Yarra Riverkeepr Association and eventually becoming the CEO. A little cliché but that’s a perfect example of the saying; Fortune favours the brave.

We were blown away by her energy, mission and our lack of knowledge about the effects of neglecting the health of our rivers and oceans. Listen to her story on this episode and be sure to follow her journey on Instagram.

Check out Karin's side hustle:
The Plastic Runner

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