Limited edition

We’ve come to identify that this is the most essential piece of clothing found in your wardrobe. Whether you’re pulling long nights of work or waking up in the early hours of the day to grab a coffee from your local barista, why not do it in style in one of the comfiest hoodies ethically manufactured in Melbourne.


  • Heavyweight fleece
  • 310gsm Poly/cott blend
  • Set-in sleeve with cuffs
  • Two-needle cover-stitch front pouch and rib waistband
  • Big double-layered hood (to fall asleep in)
  • Available in small (72 length x 54 width), medium (74 length x 56 width) and large (76 length x 58 width). See size chart.


Price in AUD. See shipping pricing and details.

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Side Hustle x Australian Stitch

The idea of creating something that is reflective of the Podcast has been a long time coming. We wanted to produce the most ideal item of clothing for side hustlers, something that’s comfortable, they can easily throw on and spend hours on end in.

Listening, learning and speaking to those who’ve gone through a lot of sh*t to make their dream a reality, is what we’re about. In keeping with our philosophy, we wanted to stay away from the bravado of the “I made it” stories and only having that subject matter to talk about. 

We wanted to create something that can be passed on, something that you can look back at several years later and have that goosebump moment of ahhh damn… I remember those days. 

Being storytellers of local side hustlers, we wanted to collaborate with someone who has a story, someone who’s had to build their idea from the ground up, a side hustle that has eventuated into a full-time gig. 

Australian Stitch was that for us, speaking to them, listening to their story and how they’ve come to create and hero the most basic items of clothing into a wardrobe necessity.  

Every piece designed at their studio, every piece is made here in Melbourne, their overall vibe, humble approach and humility gelled with our ethos and what we aspire to achieve with the Side Hustle Podcast. 

After a few conversations, meetings and popping in and out of their store, we knew we had to do something together, something that made us nervous but excited, stay tuned for Season 3 of the Side Hustle Podcast to hear the story. 


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